As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Institute and HAP Trainer, I provide individual and group case consultation to professionals in my office, by phone or by skype. Consultation is done in a supportive environment and can be used for case consultation for Basic Training, for EMDRIA Certification or to become an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. I also provide EMDR Basic Trainings twice a year as an EMDR Regional Institute Trainer in Fort Collins, Colorado, serving trainees across Northern Colorado, including Denver, Greeley and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Beginning in September, 2014, I am joining with two other EMDRIA Approved Consultants, Andrea Holt, LMFT and Shannon Yockey, LCSW, to provide structured group consultation which meets the consultation requirement for becoming an EMDRIA Certified therapist within a year. The three of us have a wide range of experience providing training and consultation to clinicians working with varied populations. Beginning September 12, and meeting monthly for nine months in Fort Collins, each group will include case consultation and specific EMDR content required for certification. The group is limited to eight members and will meet on the second Friday of each month from 10-12 a.m. The fee for group sessions is $35 per person per hour, with a total of $280 for the fall semester and $350 for the winter/spring semester. Individual consultation is an additional fee and clinicians may consult for up to five hours with other EMDRIA Approved Consultants. Clinicians may reserve a spot now for the fall semester with a deposit of $70. Fall semester fees are due in full by August 12, 2014. Clinicians must have completed EMDR Basic Training in order to register for the certification group and be currently using EMDR with clients.

For more information on joining the certification group, contact Shannon Yockey at 970-402-7030.

Requirements to become EMDRIA Certified may be found at